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As we wind up our 35th year on public radio, Afropop Worldwide’s Peabody Award-winning work continues to bring you fantastic new music and compelling stories from Africa and the Diaspora. Big thanks to all who supported us in this milestone year.

This past year, we have received seed money to pursue two key initiatives: establishing on-the-ground "community liaisons" in U.S. diaspora communities, and accelerating the process of digitizing our at-risk archive. Meanshile, our core research and programming depend on the support of friends and listeners like you. Please join us in creating another year of outstanding programming and content found nowhere else in American media.

In that spirit, we are launching our 2023 Year End drive, inviting you to help us continue the excellent work we have dedicated ourselves to since 1988.

Please become a sustaining member today:

Your 2023 tax-deductible gift to the Year-End Appeal will empower Afropop in:

      • Continued production of our brand-new offering, the bi-weekly podcast Planet Afropop, showcasing current developments in African music and culture with hosts Georges Collinet, Banning Eyre and Mukwae Wabei Siyolwe
      • Establishing "community liaisons" in key U.S. cities with significant diaspora populations--all part of our current goal of extending our platform's reach beyond the public radio universe.
      • Continuing to engage a diverse team of new producers, writers and social media pros to expand the Afropop mission
      • Renewing work on the multi-year initiative of digitizing the most at-risk content in our vast, irreplaceable media archive

      The best way you can help is by becoming a Monthly Sustainer. Your recurring gift of $5, $10, $15 or more will help us pursue our vital work and plan for the future.

    You can also mail a check to:

    World Music Productions
    463 Lincoln Place, Unit # 246
    Brooklyn, New York 11238

    Stay tuned for more exciting musical destinations and fantastic new artists.

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    Many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage philanthropy among employees. And some companies will even match to a spouse or retiree.

    World Music Productions has an active profile on Benevity! You may be able to double or even triple your generous contribution to Afropop Worldwide.

    Let's keep the music of the African Diaspora alive on Afropop Worldwide!

    In addition to our Annual Fund, we have launched the Afropop Worldwide Vision Fund. More info here.

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