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Afropop Worldwide Radio Program

Afropop Worldwide Radio Program

Afropop Worldwide is a Peabody award winning radio program dedicated to music from Africa and the African diaspora.

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Hosted by one of Africa’s best-loved broadcast personalities, Georges Collinet, and produced by Sean Barlow, the radio show is currently distributed by PRI Public Radio International to over 100 stations in the U.S., as well as stations in Europe.

In 1988, Afropop was launched by NPR as a weekly series. It was the first of its kind and, 28 years later, the program has expanded its vision to include the music and cultures that encompass the entire African diaspora. The program is still the standard for both the curious and the connoisseur, and takes listeners to dynamic music capitals such as Dakar, Johannesburg, Cairo, Havana, Salvador de Bahia, New York and Paris. Listeners meet the leading stars as well as emerging artists. Live concert recordings of world-class artists such as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Cesaria Evora, Gilberto Gil, Baaba Maal, Kanda Bongo Man and others are featured on the program.

Our vision is to increase the profile of African and African diaspora music worldwide, and to see that benefits from this increased profile go back to artists, music industry professionals, and the countries that produce the music. The Afropop database of interviews, features, photos, CD reviews and artist profiles is central to our strategy, as it harnesses the power of what we have done, and allows us to integrate past work with new research to support new projects.

Afropop Worldwide is produced by World Music Productions, a Brooklyn-based, nonprofit organization founded by Sean Barlow in 1986. Financial contributions to support our work are gladly accepted and are tax-deductible!


Afropop Closeups

Music, stories and cultural conundrums from our African planet

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In June 2016, Peabody Award-winning media company Afropop Worldwide launches the Afropop Closeups podcast series, bringing poignant and provocative stories from Africa and the African Diaspora to listeners. These succinct podcasts showcase the voices of curious and talented Afropop producers focusing on single topics: Haitian radio stations in New York; a young “born free” rapper’s quest to uplift the social content of South African hip-hop; how musicians are becoming activists in post-conflict Mali and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Afropop Closeups are an extension of Afropop Worldwide’s Hip Deep series, both offerings substantially funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. These podcasts build on the central philosophy of the Hip Deep series: music is encoded history, a reflection of historical, political, spiritual and cultural evolution, and ultimately, the very core of human experience in our fast-changing, globalized world.