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  • review June 23, 2017

    Toy Raha Toy

    Madagascar’s exquisite folk and pop music have never received the global acclaim they deserve. Some have speculated that this is because Madagascar’s idiosyncratic rhythms and melodies are a world apart from the West and Central African idioms that fed into … Read more »

  • review December 4, 2015

    Very Aomby

    Tsapiky (tsa-PEEK) music of southwest Madagascar is a kind of delicacy, a treat for lovers of raw, giddy, guitar-driven African pop. At the center is a single finger-style picker—in this case, the amazing Damily—generally playing electric guitar at the head … Read more »

  • hip-deep July 23, 2015

    Hip Deep in Madagascar: The Tsapiky Story

    The southwest of Madagascar is a land of fishermen, mining prospectors and cattle ranchers—not exactly a homogenous region in terms of lifestyle or ethnicity. But one thing that unites all the people of this region is the giddy, electric guitar-driven … Read more »

  • blog June 23, 2015

    Tsapiky Homecoming

    Tsapiky (tsa-PEEK) is the exhilarating, electric guitar-driven dance music from southwest Madagascar. A mix of South African pop and local Malagasy traditions, it is a modern sound, but one that has worked its way deeply into the region’s traditional culture. … Read more »

  • interview September 25, 2014

    Damily: The Tsapiky King Returns to Tulear

    Damily is a veteran guitarist, composer, and bandleader of tsapiky [tsa-PEEK] music. In 2001, he fell in love with and married a woman from France, and the moved there soon afterwards. Damily’s band, organized by his brother Rakapo, has remained … Read more »

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