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  • blog June 4, 2015

    Afropop Premiere! Kill the Bass–Ao Cair Da Noite EP

    Funk Na Caixa continues on its quest to bring the most innovative and adventurous baile funk beyond the reaches of São Paulo and Rio. This EP, from producer Kill the Bass (AKA Lucas Marim) introduces a new style of the … Read more »

  • blog September 2, 2014

    MC R1: New Tracks from Funk Na Caixa

    MC R1, who is both a producer and MC, is perhaps best known for his work with MC Maromba on the baile banger, “BumBum.” His new release of three tracks features a dynamic blend of rasterinha and other baile funk … Read more »

  • blog August 27, 2014

    GodWonder: Dominican Rasterinha and “A Divina” preview

    Our recent show, “Party and Dissent: World Cup Brazil 2014” started off with a track called “Rumba” by GodWonder. As Georges told you on the program, this is the sound of baile funk in 2014. But what he didn’t tell … Read more »

  • interview July 3, 2014

    The Shape of Funk to Come: Renato M2 Interviewed

    As part of our new show “Party and Dissent: World Cup Brazil 2014,” we spoke with Renato M2, founder of Funk Na Caixa, a record label that explores the latest and greatest sounds of baile funk. Renato recently made us a … Read more »

  • program June 26, 2014

    Party and Dissent: World Cup Brazil 2014

    World Cup soccer mania continues in Brazil. The games are a source of great national pride, as well as bitter dissent due to the fact that billions were spent on stadiums, rather than schools, hospitals and public transport. What does … Read more »

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