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  • blog July 28, 2015

    Afropop Exclusive Mix: Brazilian Underground, Vol. Two

    The first Brazilian Underground mix was one of our favorites in the Afropop Exclusive Mix Series, so we asked Rio-based journalist Marcelo Monteiro of Amplificador (who recently released an excellent new compilation on Far Out Recordings) if he could make us … Read more »

  • blog June 24, 2015

    New Habibi Funk Mix of ’70s North Africa

    The wonderfully named Habibi Funk Records has released the third installment of their mix series, presenting some phenomenal funk, soul and psych that label boss Jannis Stürtz picked up on a recent trip to North Africa. Stürtz (also a co-founder … Read more »

  • program August 8, 2013

    The Immortal ’70s

    The 1970s was a golden age for pop music around the world, and certainly in Africa. Re-releases have for the first time made some of this music available again. Georges plays songs from some of his favorites–including artists new to … Read more »

  • blog October 16, 2012

    Heavy Duty Mystery Funk

    We don’t know who exactly who they are. Or where they’re from. Or even when the album was recorded. But what we do know is that Karthala 72 were not messing around. In fact, in their brief and ill-documented existence, … Read more »

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