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  • blog August 11, 2017

    Independent Africa

    The continent of Africa contains millenniums of complex histories across hundreds and thousands of civilizations and cultures. The era of European colonization in Africa’s history, which resulted in the borders of the 54 countries that we know of today, took … Read more »

  • blog June 16, 2015

    Field Report: Cape Verde’s Atlantic Music Expo and Kriol Jazz Festival

    Bastiaan Springer is a producer for Radio 5 (Netherlands), and a world music journalist for FRoots, Songlines and Photos by José Sergio The Cape Verde archipelago of 10 islands and five islets, located some 500 km west of Senegal, … Read more »

  • blog April 7, 2014

    Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars Kick Off Spring/Summer Tour

    From campfire concerts to the world stage, the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars have traveled a long road, inspiring millions with their music and their story.  Their journey continues with a new tour starting this April and going through the summer, … Read more »

  • program May 8, 2013

    Afropop Roadshow: Spotlight Sierra Leone

    Afropop’s Roadshow series continues with a focus on new music and interviews from Sierra Leone. Electric Bubu music from Janka Nabay, hip hop from Bajah and The Dry Eye Crew, the latest from Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars, and introducing the … Read more »

  • interview October 16, 2012

    Sierra Leone’s Refugee Allstars: The Salone Interview

    Afropop producer Banning Eyre got the chance to talk to Rueben Koroma, the lead singer of Sierra Leone’s Refugee Allstars, before the band played (and totally rocked) the Two Boots Pizza 25th Anniversary concert in New York City. The bands … Read more »

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