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  • blog June 2, 2017

    Premiere: “Mystic Molay”–Nickodemus ft. Hassan Ben Jaafer and Innov Gnawa

    If you love Moroccan Gnawa music, which you should, you’re probably going to enjoy this track, “Mystic Molay,” a tribute to the Sufi teacher Molay Abdelkader Jilani. The track is the lead single off a new record from veteran DJ/producer … Read more »

  • blog December 3, 2014

    Stocking Stuffers Highlights

    Our new show, “Stocking Stuffers 2014” show samples tracks from the best new releases of 2014 to help you come up with gift ideas for the music lovers in your life (and to recap some of the amazing music that’s … Read more »

  • review July 31, 2013

    Fangnawa Experience

    Fanga is an 8 person band from the south of France whose West African-influenced music combines influences from jazz, funk, and afrobeat. Maâlem Abdallah Guinéa is a vocalist, gimbri player, and master of gnawa music. Together, they produced Fangnawa Experience, … Read more »

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