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  • feature June 28, 2016

    Fraternization Machine: Simon Reynolds on U.K. Dance History

    Simon Reynolds is the author of Energy Flash: A Journey Through Rave Music and Dance Culture, as well as books like Rip It Up and Start Again and Retromania. Producer Sam Backer interviewed Simon about the history of U.K. Dance. … Read more »

  • feature June 23, 2016

    Keep it Locked!: A History of U.K. Dance in Radio Sets

    Well before the rise of dance music in the late 1980s, pirate radio stations had been a vital part of the U.K.’s musical history. Facing tight government regulation of the airwaves, the 1960s saw pirates like the famous Radio Caroline … Read more »

  • review May 15, 2012

    La Paix

    Sahel Sounds, the Mali/Portland based blog best known for releasing/curating the “Music From Saharan Cellphones” compilations in 2010, has continued its exploration of the (seemingly infinite) soundscape of West Africa with its latest release, the album “La Paix” by self-described … Read more »

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