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  • blog August 3, 2017

    Preview: Toli and the Femm Nameless “See Line” EP Reissued

    It often feels like a blessing when music is rediscovered and makes its long-overdue foray into the world. This is the case for the eight-member all-female Brooklyn Afrobeat band Toli and the Femm Nameless’s demo recording from 2003, which has … Read more »

  • blog July 17, 2017

    Afropop Exclusive Mix: Big Chune Vol. One From DJ Ephraim Asili

    We’re pleased to share another exclusive mix from DJ Ephraim Asili, who delivered the Brazil Samba MPB Vol. One mixtape to us last year. Asili, a full-time visiting artist in the Film and Electronic Arts Department at Bard College, returns to share … Read more »

  • review June 23, 2017

    The Light

    This is reggae through a kaleidoscope. Jamaican-Canadian singer/songwriter Ammoye is a soul rebel on a soul path, singing her way to her higher self. Reggae is the light shining through her kaleidoscope, refracting into a spectrum of musical shapes and … Read more »

  • botb May 7, 2017

    Best of The Beat on Afropop: Lee “Scratch” Perry

    Reggae’s mad genius producer-turned-conceptual artist, Lee “Scratch” Perry–A.K.A. The Upsetter–is headed back to New York for a rare performance at S.O.B.’s on May 9. When he last appeared here in 2105, he was accompanied by a giant inflated gorilla for … Read more »

  • blog October 31, 2016

    On the Scene in Casablanca

    Currently, cities throughout Morocco are filled with protesters. These are the largest and most widespread protests in Morocco since the February 20 movement, which coincided with the Arab Spring that spread throughout North African and the Middle East in 2011. … Read more »

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