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  • blog May 30, 2017

    Field Report: Presenting Creole Culture to the World–Atlantic Music Expo, Kriol Jazz in Cape Verde

    Although Cape Verde is a small country with only 500,000 inhabitants, this West African archipelago is home to many musicians and varied music styles. The 10 volcanic islands that comprise this nation, located roughly 500 kilometers off the west coast … Read more »

  • review September 8, 2016


    Metá Metá’s new album, MM3, finds the Brazilian band trimming down song lengths and solos in favor of tightly wound grooves. Thiago França’s saxophone playing, which on previous releases was allowed multiple minute-long tantrums, now takes a contained place in the … Read more »

  • blog January 30, 2015

    Trance Video Playlist

    Our show “The Nature of Trance” explores music from trance ceremonies throughout Africa and its diaspora. Below, check out a trance video playlist, made to accompany the  the program. It features a tarab performance by A.J. Racy and the National … Read more »

  • blog August 7, 2013

    Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brazil- Hip-hop, Beats, Afro & Dub

    According to compilation editor and internationally renowned producer Rodrigo Brandão, ‘Daora’ is São Paolo slang for “something that’s f*cking cool,” a translation that also serves as  perhaps the most definitive way to describe this double disc compilation of underground and … Read more »

  • blog July 2, 2008

    Scholar: Jason Stanyek

    Jason Stanyek is Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology in the Department of Music at New York University and in 2007-2008 he served as Visiting Associate Professor at Harvard University. He has published on subjects ranging from Pan-African jazz to Brazilian hip … Read more »

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