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  • interview October 4, 2017

    Vicente Garcia’s Journey Back to Bachata

    When nothing else seemed appealing, Vicente Garcia headed to the countryside. The young Dominican singer-songwriter had already anchored a successful band, Calor Urbano, and put out his first solo album, but his label was pushing him towards recording more commercial … Read more »

  • program April 3, 2015

    Bachata Takeover: From the Bronx to the World

    While bachata may have originated in the Dominican Republic, its growth in popularity over the past 10 years is not rooted within the shores of the small Caribbean nation but in the outer boroughs of New York City. It was … Read more »

  • blog September 12, 2014

    Primer: Urban Bachata

    In our program “Bachata Takeover: From the Bronx to the World” we detailed the history of bachata and the rise to worldwide popularity of urban bachata–the latest incarnation of the resilient Dominican guitar music. Urban bachata, which originated among the … Read more »

  • program May 11, 2014

    Santo Domingo Blues: The Story of Bachata

    Bachata is genuinely a music of the people. Recalling the American blues, bachata was infamous as the anthem of the hard-drinking, womanizing, down-on-his-luck man, vilified as the entertainment of the brothels and the cabarets, and worshipped by the downtrodden poor … Read more »

  • blog March 24, 2014

    Drake, Romeo Santos, and the New Bachata

    Sad to say, but we came very close to missing one of the most interesting musical stories of the year. Not because it was happening in a tiny studio in Angola or Cairo or Durban, but because it came from … Read more »

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