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  • review April 1, 2016


    Arabic art music shares one key characteristic with American jazz: an emphasis on improvisation, individual expression, but rendered with respect for and knowledge of a composed musical source. The rules and conventions diverge widely, but that common ground has proven … Read more »

  • program June 6, 2015

    Two Tenors of Arabic Music Play Las Vegas

    In Las Vegas in the year 2000, two legends of Arabic art music performed an historic concert. Wadi’ Al-Safi was called “the pure voice of Lebanon” because for decades he had brought the folkloric songs of the Lebanese countryside to … Read more »

  • hip-deep August 8, 2014

    Lebanon 3: Beirut Today

    Afropop concludes its Hip Deep series on Lebanon with a musical survey of contemporary Beirut. It’s a complex, balkanized world where adventurous art musicians extend the hybrid forms of Lebanon’s golden era, alternative rock bands engage a globalized youth audience, … Read more »

  • feature November 7, 2013

    Beirut 2013: Meet the Players

    This feature accompanies Afropop Worldwide’s Hip Deep program, Lebanon 3: Beirut Today. Producer Banning Eyre conducted many interviews in Beirut in researching this program. What follows is a set of photographs (mostly Banning’s), excerpts from those interviews, and links to … Read more »

  • blog October 10, 2013

    Fairuz in Brazil, 1961

    As we were launching our Hip Deep program Lebanon 2: Diasporas, we got a surprisingly on-point email.  Our friend in Beirut, Akram Rayess, sent us a track recorded by Fairuz (subject of our first Lebanon program) in Brazil, (primary location … Read more »

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