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  • review June 23, 2017

    The Light

    This is reggae through a kaleidoscope. Jamaican-Canadian singer/songwriter Ammoye is a soul rebel on a soul path, singing her way to her higher self. Reggae is the light shining through her kaleidoscope, refracting into a spectrum of musical shapes and … Read more »

  • botb May 11, 2017

    Best of The Beat on Afropop: In Tribute to Bob Marley

    Today, May 11, is the 36th anniversary of Bob Marley’s death in 1981 at age 36. I don’t know if there’s any significance in these numerals, but he has been gone for the same length of time as he was … Read more »

  • botb May 7, 2017

    Best of The Beat on Afropop: Lee “Scratch” Perry

    Reggae’s mad genius producer-turned-conceptual artist, Lee “Scratch” Perry–A.K.A. The Upsetter–is headed back to New York for a rare performance at S.O.B.’s on May 9. When he last appeared here in 2105, he was accompanied by a giant inflated gorilla for … Read more »

  • botb May 3, 2017

    Best of The Beat on Afropop: Remembering Jamaica’s Foremost Producer, Coxson Dodd

    Today’s edition of “Best of The Beat on Afropop” pays tribute to Jamaica’s most revered music producer, Clement “Coxson” Dodd, who died May 4, 2004 at age 72, leaving an enormous legacy of countless reggae songs that issued from his … Read more »

  • program April 27, 2017

    Jamaica: Big A Yard, Big Abroad

    Since the 1960s in Jamaica, iconic figures such as Bob Marley have gathered in backyards to write reggae anthems that conquered world charts. The yard remains a cornerstone in Jamaican culture. Musicians withdraw from the violence of the city to … Read more »

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