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  • blog May 30, 2014

    Tanzanian Hip-Hop: A Primer

    Those beats! One of the biggest musical change that occurs during the period of Tanzanian music covered by “Live From Bongoland” is the introduction of hip-hop. Starting from a small-scale, DIY underground, hip-hop style and music localized, transitioning from English … Read more »

  • feature November 10, 2004

    Top of the Hip-Hop: Bongo Flava and More in Dar es Salaam, 2004

    Writer Birgit Quade and photographer/writer Lydia Martin visited Dar es Salaam in 2004, and looked into the lives and music of artists in that city’s rising hip hop scene. Here is their report. It was a long taxi ride from Dar es Salaam center … Read more »

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