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  • blog July 18, 2016

    Photo Essay: Afro-Latino Festival 2016

    The weekend may have been cloudy but the Afro-Latino Festival, which took place July 8-10 at Bed-Stuy’s Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn, shone bright and vibrant. In its fourth edition, the festival hosted a potpourri of DJs, musicians, artisans and great … Read more »

  • blog June 24, 2016

    Preview: Afro-Latino Festival 2016

    Summer is officially upon us here in New York and, as expected, the festival dates just keep on coming. Next up on our radar is the annual Afro-Latino Festival, which takes place July 8-10 at various locations across Brooklyn and … Read more »

  • program June 16, 2016

    The Panama Beat

    Central America, a narrow, mountainous, and largely impoverished stretch of land spanning seven countries, is a surprising and underexposed Latin American musical hot zone. The region’s bizarre and tumultuous history has led to a fascinating mix of cultural influences – … Read more »

  • blog April 17, 2014

    Los Rakas – Sueño Americano

    In a powerful new video for “Sueño Americano,” Oakland based hip hop duo Los Rakas offer a critique on the typical American dream and the prison industrial complex. Gone are the trappings of success we usually find in music videos. The … Read more »

  • blog August 1, 2013

    DOWNLOAD ALERT: New Los Rakas Track

    It turns out that Oakland’s Los Rakas are not only gifted rappers, but also very considerate guests. The duo headed south last weekend for concerts in Bogota and Santiago (new performance locals for the team), and to show their gratitude … Read more »

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