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  • video February 11, 2014

    La Gallera Social Club’s Surreal New Video

    Sometimes a music video comes around that is so delightfully bizarre that it reminds us of the all too often underutilized possibilities of the art form. Like Omar Souleyman in “Warni Warni,” La Gallera Social Club have a vision for … Read more »

  • blog May 30, 2013

    Tambor Santo Vol. 2

    One listen to Don Beto’s newest mix-tape, Tambor Santo Vol. 2, could serve as your weekly dosage of Venezuelan musical fire! (and yes, that is doctor recommended) Mixing, matching, and slicing tracks to create a rolling groove jam-packed with hypnotic, … Read more »

  • blog December 11, 2012

    La Gallera Social Club releases “Ecos del tercer Mundo Vol. 2”

    Ecos del tercer Mundo Vol. 1, the first release by La Gallera Social Club, a group of young musicians creating a thrillingly dreamy hybrid of Venezuelan roots, modern electronics, and laid-back indy coo, was easily one of the best things we heard … Read more »

  • blog December 7, 2012

    Running Down The Year, Part 1

    We don’t pretend to be unbiased. We don’t pretend to be categorically correct (or at least, not unless the argument is particularly heated), and we definitely don’t pretend to have heard everything. BUT- the extended Afropop family does wrap its ears around … Read more »

  • interview July 25, 2012

    An Interview with La Gallera Social Club: A Charge of Afro-Venezuelan Energy

    A couple of weeks ago we stumbled upon a relatively-unknown musical gem from Venezuela called the La Gallera Social Club. The group effortlessly ties together folkloric elements of Venezuela’s musical past and contemporary styles, creating a well-crafted sound that is … Read more »

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