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  • program February 27, 2014

    South Africa Today

    Culturally complex and multi-racial, with a highly charged history stretching back centuries, South Africa is one of the continent’s largest- and most productive- music industries. In this episode, Afropop will take you on a journey through the South Africa of … Read more »

  • blog October 31, 2013

    Capso: SA Hip-Hop, Roots in the Congo

    South African rapper Capso, (featured on the program South Africa Today was recently in town for a project with acclaimed Haitian American maestro Wyclef Jean. We met up at the trendy Fort Green, BK South African Restaurant Madiba, where he performed … Read more »

  • blog October 30, 2013

    Featured Artists: South Africa Today

    To help you to get deeper into the music we explored in South Africa Today, we are giving you some more information about the artists featured in the program. So dive in!  iFani If only those who want it most succeed in … Read more »

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