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  • blog August 31, 2015

    West Indian Carnival Coming to New York!

    New York’s West Indian Carnival celebration gets underway this week. Like many places around the world (Brazil, New Orleans, Haiti and Trinidad have some particularly memorable traditions of their own) New York’s Carnival is an annual opportunity to transgress the … Read more »

  • program September 26, 2013

    Jamaica In New York: The History of Reggae and Dancehall in the Big Apple

    New York City has long had a thriving and populous Jamaican community from Crown Heights, Brooklyn to the south Bronx. And as long as Jamaicans have come to the Big Apple they’ve brought their culture and music along with them. … Read more »

  • review January 14, 2013

    Sweet Reggae Music: 1979-1985

    Reggae compilations are a dime a dozen. Yet, with the arrival of a new 2-disc set covering an early and pivotal six-year period of Jamaican vocalist Barrington Levy’s career, there are good reasons to pay attention. After all, it comes … Read more »

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