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Discography: The Hip Hop Generation: Ghana’s Hip Life and Ivory Coast’s Coupé-Decalé

With only a few exceptions, pop CDs from Ghana and the Ivory Coast are difficult to find through major US and international retailers. However, they are available through retail outlets in immigrant communities as well as specialty retailers online.


Hiplife albums are available almost exclusively through specialty retailers. ARAE International in California offers a wide selection. In addition, a number of hiplife albums have recently become available at iTunes.

Zouglou and Coupé-décalé

A reasonable selection of pop music from the Ivory Coast is available from several US-based online retailers: for physical CDs, Sterns Music at http://www.sternsmusic.com/ and Pan-African All Stars at http://www.panafricanallstars.com

A few major artists have full albums worth picking up, but a lot of the best and most representative music appears on compilations.

Contributed by: Siddhartha Mitter
Discography for The Hip Hop Generation in Africa: Ghana & Ivory Coast show

Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide’s The Hip Hop Generation in Africa: Ghana & Ivory Coast:

Magic SystemPremier Gaou 1+1” (Sonodisc, Next Music 2002)

V.I.P.Ahomka Womu” (Zongo Junction Music, Ltd. 2006)

Reggie RockstoneMe Na Me Kae” (Kassa Records 1999)

Eric AgyemanHighlife Safari” (Original Music 1979, Stern’s Africa 1992)

Alhaji K. FrimpongKyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu!” (West African Sound Production Ltd. 1996)

ObrafuorPae Mu Ka” (Home Base Records)

SidneyScenti No” (Zongo Junction Music, Ltd. 2006)

SidneyAbuskeleke” (Zongo Junction Music, Ltd. 2006)

Mzbel16 Years” (Zongo Junction Music, Ltd. 2006)

TinnyMakola Kwake” (Zongo Junction Music, Ltd. 2006)

TinnyAkwei Polo” (Zongo Junction Music, Ltd. 2006)

Alpha BlondyRevolution” (Shanachie 1987)

Les Poussins ChocIvoir New Feeling” (Lusafrica)

Petit Yode et l’Enfant SiroVictoire

Collectif 1+1Generation Ya Foye, Coupe Decale, Vol. 1” (X-Pol Music 2004)

Douk SagaGeneration Ya Foye, Coupe Decale, Vol. 2” (X-Pol Music 2004)