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Podcast Special: Closeup #1

To celebrate the launch of the second season of the Afropop Closeup podcast, this special radio program features some of the stories from the inaugural season. We’ll hear about the plight of Haitian radio stations in New York; the story of Mabiisi, a unique transnational collaboration between a Burkinabe rapper and a Ghanaian roots musician; and the surprising popular resurgence of U.K. grime music. Subscribe to our podcast and follow the second season of the Afropop Closeup podcast to hear intimate stories of the struggles and triumphs of human life in Rwanda, Nigeria, Haiti, the Bahamas and the African diasporas of Greece, the U.K., Paris, New York and San Francisco.

Produced by Morgan Greenstreet, Ian Coss and Sam Backer.

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  • abidine

    Je suis un vieil ami de Georges collinet et je suis originaire de tombouctou (mali) et je vis actuellement à Paris

    pourriez vous nous donner l autorisation de diffuser votre radio sur notre webradio

    voici momail
    pourriez vous me donner le mail de notre ami georges collinet
    bon week end