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A History of Puerto Rican Salsa

The music being made in Puerto Rico before and during the salsa years had its own sabor, even while the salsa boom was exploding out of New York. We talk to three of Puerto Rico’s all-time most important bandleaders: Rafael Ithier, founder of El Gran Combo; Quique Lucca, founder of Sonora Ponceña; and Willie Rosario, and hear key tracks from the island. Produced by Ned Sublette with José Mandry.

  • Eunice

    That was fabulous. Guaracha, Guanguanco, Son Montuno.
    Please make it a regular thing to play classic Afropop programs. Georges’ voice has deepened over the years. I’d love to hear the very first programs. Are they available on the website?

  • Tomas Algarin

    Well done! Thoughtfully researched and well produced, includes relevant interviews by legends of the Salsa movement in Puerto Rico and around the globe – Rafael Cortijo and Ismael Rivera “Maelo”, Willie Rosario, Kako, Rafael Ithier (El Gran Combo), the late Don Quique Lucca (La Sonora Poncena), Tommy Olivencia RIP, Roberto Roena, and Mario Ortiz among others. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and representing Puerto Rico’s contributions to Cuban and Afro-Caribbean music and history.
    —– Tomas Algarin, Latin music historian/educator, radio program producer/personality, concert Emcee & writer..

  • Chri Sas (C2447)

    Came here for playlist !! Any ideas anybody!!!