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Tune in Fridays for our new blog series: Friday Favorites!

Each Friday we will present the songs we’ve been grooving to this week. If you like our favorites, be sure to tell us. Or even better, post links to your own weekly favorites!

Sean Barlow, Executive Producer:
Song Title: Mother in Law
Artist: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
Album: Radio Salone

Banning Eyre, Editor-in-Chief:
Song Title: Ni See Ay Ga Done
Artist: Sidi Touré
Album: Koïma

Mike Jones, Chief Audio Engineer:
Song Title: Dance Mania
Artist: Tito Puente
Album: Dance Mania

Saxon Baird, Producer of New Media:
Song Title: Sugarwater Dub
Artist: Hollie Cook
Album: Hollie Cook ‘In Dub’

Sam Backer, Production Assistant:
Song Title: Lucy’s Spanish Harlem
Artist: Louie Ramirez
Album: In the Hearth of the Spanish Harlem

Julia Chanin, Intern:
Song Title: SPF50 (Anarquía tropical)
Artist: Dolli
Album: Un amigo de un amigo que no soy yo

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