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We check in at the fifteenth annual Barranquijazz Festival in Barranquilla, Colombia, a very hip and international Latin jazz festival with a decided Caribbean flavor. We’ll talk to some of the artists featured in the festival and hear new recordings by them: from Cuba, young piano superstar Harold López-Nussa; from Brazil, grandmaster pianist João Donato; from Venezuela, drummer Alberto Naranjo; from Spain, flamenco superstar Diego El Cigala; and from Noo Yawk, the one and only Eddie Palmieri.  Plus a tribute to the late Colombian star, “El Joe” Joe Arroyo. [Produced by Ned Sublette. Originally aired 10-19-2011]

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  • Jennifer Cabana

    This is one of the best radio productions I’ve ever listened to. I’ve heard it a few times since my friend Ned Sublette sent it to me 2011. The presenter couldn’t have said it better himself, a lot of music went down during the festival! 🙂 Greeting from Barranquilla, Colombia