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globalFEST 2014 in Photos

We had a great time at this year’s globalFEST, enjoying about a month’s worth of outstanding concerts in the span of a couple of hours. Check a few photos of the night’s festivities taken by Afropop senior editor Banning Eyre- and stay tuned for our upcoming program covering the night’s live sounds, as well as some choice selections from showcases around the city (Hailu? We’re looking at you!)

APAP_Day3_globalFEST 62

Brushy One-String, the world’s best (and most likely only) one-string guitar player rocked the crowd with soulful socially conscious tunes, some of his YouTube hits (“Chicken in the Corn”), and a couple Bob Marley covers.

APAP_Day3_globalFEST 182

The Australian Bollywood-inspired act Bombay Royale took the prize for goofiest globalFEST act with coordinated dance moves, costumes, and an invitation to the crowd to join them at their private island.

APAP_Day3_globalFEST 229

DakhaBrakha had a gorgeous Ukranian folk sound and seriously cool hats.

APAP_Day3_globalFEST 482

Noura Mint Seymali sang powerfully in the tradition of her home country of Mauritania, while her husband Jeiche Ould Chighaly accompanied her with the unmistakable distorted electric guitar sound of the western Sahara.

APAP_Day3_globalFEST 413

Kuenta i Tambu (K i T) got the crowd to dance more intensely than just anyone else at globalFEST– bringing some of the Caribbean party atmosphere of Curaçao with them from Amsterdam. They continued the vibe at the afterparty, where they stayed on the dancefloor until approximately 3AM.

APAP_Day3_globalFEST 547

Yasmine Hamdan enchanted the audience with her beautiful songs of romance and seduction from Lebanon.

APAP_Day3_globalFEST 595

Baloji reminded us that in spite of the genre and national-boundary smashing nature of globalFEST, sometimes music comes out of a very specific political and cultural place– in his case the Congo (by way of Belgium). #Thisisourmusic

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