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City Speaks- Untold Stories of JA in NYC



Waaaaay back in September (those hard to remember days, when we’re pretty sure that the sun still existed, and people wore strange garments known as shorts), Afropop producer Saxon Baird  wrote and researched a program called “Jamaica in NY.” Focusing on the often-overlooked music produced by the Jamaican Diasporic community, it re-positioned New York City as a great Caribbean cultural capital, not to mention contextualizing reggae’s physical production and sonic evolution within the social and economic changes (read- weed to coke, among other things) the community was then undergoing. And all of that was laced with some serious musical insight and a lot of truly fantastic stories (let’s just say the song “100 weight of collie weed” turns out NOT to have been an exaggeration.)

Want to learn more?  Saxon is going to be speaking tonight at a lecture series organized by Satellite Magazine. It’s free, starting at 7:30 at The Way Station, which is, as far as we can tell, a Dr. Who themed bar, and therefore probably well worth visiting entirely on its own merits.

More Details HERE.

Missed the show the first time? Well- you can check it out below. And stay tuned for Saxon’s upcoming Hip Deep program on Jamaican music in the UK!

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