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El Origen- Los Macuanos

Released on
  • Nacional Records- November 2013

The apocalypse happened yesterday. Your pickup truck has just enough gas to get you out of SoCal to escape the ____ (zombies, radiation cloud, etc.). As you drive into the ghost town that was Tijuana, your radio suddenly, miraculously, picks up a signal. The upbeat norteño music sounds violated, digitally distorted, twisted through static and waves of audio interference, but it is a sign of life! Crushed accordions, hollow brass, long-forgotten vocals from pop tunes somebody’s grandparents used to dance to….It sounds like a live broadcast from the last party on earth. It sounds like the best dance music played at the worst of times!

What you don’t know is that this music was produced by three DJs from Tijuana, Moisés Horta, Moisés López, and Reuben Torres, known as Los Macuanos. You are listening to their debut full-length album, El Origen. They called the genre of music “ruidoson,” ‘noise-sound.’ Sounds about right. Noise-sound for the end-times.

One song blends into the next as you drive through the deserted streets of post-apocalyptic Tijuana. When your truck runs out of gas, you pull over, slowly, to the edge of the road. You open the door, lean back in your seat, turn the volume up and let Los Macuanos drain your battery. You can’t imagine a better way to go out.

[Editorial Note- This review is a strong endorsement of this album, and in no way implies that enjoying it is necessarily connected to apocalypse related fatality.]

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