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Mother Africa brings its Circus/Dance/Music Mashup to New York City


Here at Afropop, we tend to focus on the music. But every once in a while, a spectacular performance of another sort catches our eye. Mother Africa is undoubtedly one of these rare occasions. An internationally touring production based out of the Artist’s College in Dar Es Saalam, Tanzania, the show incorporates modern circus performers from Ethiopia, Kenya, and (of course) Tanzania itself, blending them with a smoking live group, and brilliant costume and set design. The performance style itself is a fascinating mixture of traditional cultural elements drawn from across the continent (Gumboot, the South African dance/percussion style, is particularly featured) and the high-production/high-art style made famous by the Cirque De Soleil. The results are, according to no less of an authority than the New York Times, “exuberant, high-energy entertainment.” Unfortunately, the show only runs in NYC until Jan 5th. It’s at the New Victory Theater, and tickets are between $14-38. So if you haven’t seen in yet, you better get your ticket!

Want a closer look at what Mother Africa has in store for you? Check out this video of some of its highlights!

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