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Coupé Decalé is back! Thank Serge Beynaud!

Several years ago, Coupé-decalé was the hottest sound out of Ivory Coast, and the style swept West Africa…but like we mentioned? That was several years ago. We featured coupé decalé in our 2008 show “The Hip Hop Generation in Africa: Ghana’s Hip-Life and Côte d’Ivoire’s Coupé Décalé”, but since then, we’ve had some trouble hearing more fresh tunes in this swag-heavy, rhythm-driven, dance-party-inducing style. From our far-off vantage point, the scene seemed to have dried up a bit.

But an artist has risen to the call: Serge Beynaud. Twenty-five. Tons of musical joy,  killer dance moves, and swag for days:

A bit poppier than the premier coupé-decalé producer DJ Arafat:

But still pretty damn heavy:

Enjoy! We hope this is only the beginning of a whole (r)evolution!

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