« Program: The Musical Legacy of Al Andalus, Part 2: Africa & Beyond

Discography: The Musical Legacy of Al Andalus, Part 2: Africa & Beyond

The recording of the group Al-Andalus was made by Afropop Worldwide. The final complete piece in this program, “Unq al-Malih” by Sabri Moudallal in Syria, was provided by ethnomusicologist Jonathan Shannon. Some of the releases listed here were purchased in Morocco and won’t be easy–or even possible–to find. Many others are available, particularly through the Harmonia Mundi distribution catalogue, an excellent source for music from North Africa and the Middle East.

Here is a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide’s The Musical Legacy of Al Andalus, Part 2: Africa & Beyond:

Marcel Khalife Concerto Al Andalus (Nagam Records, Inc. 2002)

Omar Metioui Ensemble Al Ála Al-andalusiyya (Pneuma 1999)

Mohammed Briouel, Abderrahim Souiri Soirée Andalouse, Vol. 6 (Société Artistique et Culturelle Audio-Visuelle 1996)

Saïd Chraïbi La Clef De Grenade (Institut du Monde Arabe 2001)

Abderrahim Souiri, Mohammed Briouel Soirée Andalouse, Vol. 1 (Société Artistique et Culturelle Audio-Visuelle)

Julia Banzi, Tarik Banzi, Al-Andalus Illumination (Al Zahabi 1996)

Tariqa Hariquiyya Tariqa Hariquiyya (Fassiphone)

Sanaa Mirhati Al-dimliij (Fassiphone)

Nassima Andalusian Music From Algiers (Institut du Monde Arabe 2002)

Ensemble Essoundoussia, Ensemble Ahab Cheikh Larbi Bensari Anthology De La Musique Arabo-andalouse (Ocora Radio France 1994)

Sabri Moudallal, Omar Sarmini, Ensemble Al-Kindi The Aleppian Music Room (Chant du Monde 1998)