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  • blog April 11, 2014

    Kickstarter Madagascar: Kabosy Madness

    We’ve made it! That’s right: With the help of 150 backers (and counting!) we’ve not only reached but actually surpassed our goal of $10,000 for our Madagascar Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve supported us, we wish to thank you. But the … Read more »

  • feature April 5, 2014

    Cape Town Winter in Columbus Circle: Jo’Burg All Stars at Dizzy’s

    Rain and fog had descended on Manhattan as a sextet of top-flight South African jazz musicians took the stage at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola (part of Jazz at Lincoln Center) on Friday, April 4.  The MC, who clearly knew the … Read more »

  • video April 2, 2014

    Somali Love Songs: A Hip Deep Introduction

    Wellesley College Historian Lidwien Kapteijns is the lead advisor on Afropop’s Hip Deep program “Reconstructing Somalia, Love Songs at the Birth of a Nation.” Here she introduces the program with a tour of her office, introducing artists, recordings, books and … Read more »

  • feature April 2, 2014

    Web-Exclusive Podcast: More Songs of Love and War from Somalia

    Banning Eyre presents songs and stories from Somalia’s fertile independence era, and up to the present. This podcast is a supplement to Afropop’s Hip Deep program “Reconstructiong Somalia, Love Songs at the Birth of a Nation.” Somali scholar and former … Read more »

  • hip-deep March 27, 2014

    Reconstructing Somalia: Love Songs at the Birth of a Nation

    This program offers a rare musical portrait of Somalia’s formative, pre-civil war years (1960-90). In a rising mood of patriotism and hope, Somalis sought to forge a culturally authentic, but also modern, national identity. Poetry, theatrical plays, and gorgeous, lyrical … Read more »

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