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  • hip-deep December 23, 2013

    Jewish Communities of Sub-Saharan Africa

    Once-substantial Jewish enclaves of Morocco, Algeria and other North Africa states have dwindled steadily since World War II, mostly through migration to Israel. In sub-Saharan Africa, lesser known Jewish communities provide strikingly different narratives. Guided by ethnomusicologist and Rabbi Jeffrey … Read more »

  • blog April 8, 2013

    Garifuna Survival Day Feat. Aurelio Martinez @ SOB’s!

    It has been 216 years since the ancestors of what would become the Garifuna people first landed on the coast of Central America. Their survival since then- not to mention their development of a unique and moving musical culture- is … Read more »

  • interview March 29, 2013

    Virginia Danielson on Umm Kulthum

    Virginia Danielson is author of “The Voice of : Umm Kulthum, Arabic Song, and Egyptian Society in the Twentieth Century” (University of Chicago Press. 1997).  I met her in her office on June 1, 2005, at the Edna Kuhn Loeb Music … Read more »

  • interview December 13, 2012

    Interview: Victor Gama

    VICTOR GAMA “Many parts of Angola are still terra incognita almost, in terms of knowing what’s  been done musically.” INTERVIEWED BY NED SUBLETTE Via Skype from Lisbon / October 25 and 28, 2012 Angolan composer / instrument designer / ethnomusicologist … Read more »

  • blog December 11, 2012

    La Gallera Social Club releases “Ecos del tercer Mundo Vol. 2″

    Ecos del tercer Mundo Vol. 1, the first release by La Gallera Social Club, a group of young musicians creating a thrillingly dreamy hybrid of Venezuelan roots, modern electronics, and laid-back indy coo, was easily one of the best things we heard … Read more »

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