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  • blog May 16, 2016

    Wesleyan University Dedicates Abraham Adzenyah Rehearsal Hall

    It’s an unlikely thing for a drummer studying Ghanaian rhythms to have never heard of Abraham Adzenyah. Besides having taught drumming to thousands of students at Wesleyan University for 47 years, Adzenyah was a master drummer with the Ghana National … Read more »

  • blog November 5, 2015

    Abraham Adzenyah: Revered Wesleyan Professor Retires

    Master drummer Abraham Adzenyah from Ghana is retiring after 46 years of teaching at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. Abraham changed the lives of thousands of students, myself included, inspiring me to go to Ghana in 1985 to do original … Read more »

  • blog February 27, 2014

    Trio Da Kali: The New Face of Mande Music from Mali

    Lassana Diabate (Eyre 2014) Fans of African music everywhere know well the astounding prominence of Mande griot music in the continent’s musical pantheon. Even leaving aside all Mali’s desert blues and rich pentatonic music traditions, if we look at just … Read more »

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