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  • blog July 25, 2015

    Obama’s Addis Ababa Music Guide

    After a few days in Kenya, his ancestral homeland, President Obama heads to Ethiopia. It’s been a while since Afropop got the chance to visit Addis Ababa, so we reached out to musician Cory Seznec to give us an update on what’s … Read more »

  • video July 19, 2013

    Glorious Videos from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Today we’re giving love to a few videos by Mango Films – that found their way from Addis Ababa to our offices in Brooklyn via the video blog Random Acts. Let’s start with the strictly musical. It’d be tempting to say that … Read more »

  • review December 17, 2012


    Although we are definitely little late on this one, albums of quality shouldn’t be allowed to slip under the radar. And Guzo, the newest record from Samuel Yirga, a young Ethiopian pianist/composer whose playing has been making waves in the … Read more »

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