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  • blog September 27, 2017

    Photo Essay: Brooklyn’s Labor Day Carnival Parade

    Last year, Afropop Worldwide produced a program all about the kaleidoscopic bacchanal that is Brooklyn’s Labor Day Parade and the festivities that take place in the days around the parade. We’re back again this year to bring the sights that graced … Read more »

  • blog August 29, 2017

    Preview: Brooklyn’s Caribbean Carnival Week

    For New Yorkers, neighbors and lovers of Caribbean fêtes far and wide, you’ve got a lot to look forward to this week. Yes, it’s time again for Brooklyn’s world-famous Labor Day Parade–A.K.A. the West Indian American Carnival Parade–and all of … Read more »

  • blog January 6, 2015

    Bring the Noise! Cairo Liberation Front Celebrates Two Years

    The Egyptian wildstyle known as chaabi (or alternately mahraganat)  is a party music par excellence, and fittingly, the chaabi-centric DJ crew Cairo Liberation Front have thrown themselves a serious birthday party. Called “Bring the Noise,” it consists of five separate mixes on five … Read more »

  • blog August 29, 2013

    More On The West Indian American Day Carnival

    Yesterday we brought you a listing of WIAD sponsored events, but there’s always more Carnival to report on in NYC. Here’s a look at the rest of the celebrations happening around the city this weekend. Hot 97’s got a real … Read more »

  • blog August 8, 2013

    Hipster’s Don’t Dance drops Carnival Mix

    There isn’t quite a word to describe the kind of party music that the East London due Hipsters Don’t Dance drop on their latest Carnival mixtape. And maybe there shouldn’t be. After all, the space they define isn’t a genre- it’s … Read more »

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