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  • hip-deep September 22, 2011

    Africa in East Asia: Shanghai Jazz to Tokyo Rastafari

    In the 20th century, music and culture from the African Diaspora traveled all over the world…. and East Asia is no exception. In this Hip Deep episode, Afropop explores the different ways that Black music has influenced culture and society … Read more »

  • interview June 14, 2011

    Juan Atkins Interview

    It’s usually hard to pinpoint the origins of a music genre, and Detroit techno is no different. But few would argue against the importance of the music of Juan Atkins in settting the tone for the techno revolution. His early … Read more »

  • interview January 27, 2011

    Hector Fernandez-L’Hoeste on the Cumbia Diaspora

    Hector Fernandez-L’Hoeste teaches Latin American Cultural Studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and writes frequently about cumbia and its impact around the Americas. He is the editor of an upcoming anthology about … Read more »

  • program January 1, 2011

    Afropop Soundsystem 5: Neo-Cumbia

    Afropop Worldwide presents a program all about the exciting and experimental music scene in Colombia today. A new generation of Colombian youth are delving into Afro-Colombian roots music, using traditional sounds as rich fodder for 21st-century experiments in global pop. … Read more »

  • feature March 9, 2009

    Feature: Afro-Dominicana

    We bring some much needed-attention to Afro-Dominican music, some of the richest and least-known sounds coming from the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic is best known for merengue and bachata, two essential parts of the mainstream Latin music landscape. Both styles … Read more »

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