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  • botb March 28, 2017

    Best of The Beat on Afropop: Salif Keita and the Coup d’Etat

    As we eagerly await Salif Keita’s appearance in New York this week (his last appearance here was 2014), and in other locations accessible to our readers around the U.S., here is a “Best of The Beat” cover feature on “Mali’s … Read more »

  • blog July 25, 2016

    Mylmo N’Sahel Raps the History of Mali

    “Here, everything happens in real time,” Mylmo N’Sahel notes, speaking to the open doors and uninterrupted visibility of life in his community. He is but one of many observers who have seen Mali develop and change first-hand over the past … Read more »

  • feature May 20, 2016

    You Gotta See These Kids!

    On our program Hip Deep in Mali: Growing Into Music in 21st  Century Bamako, listeners meet three extraordinarily talented children, young griots learning music in a challenging environment. But with kids this remarkable, seeing is believing. So here are two short … Read more »

  • blog March 4, 2016

    Film Review: They Will Have to Kill Us First

    A powerful new film about Malian music and recent history debuted on March 3 in cities around the world, including screenings in 51 African countries and a soiree in New York that culminated in a fiery set by the band … Read more »

  • feature February 23, 2016

    Afropop Returns to Mali: Part Two

    Our first report left off as the first annual Festival Acoustik de Mali was wrapping up in Bamako, and we (Sean Barlow and Banning Eyre) were bidding farewell to the fellow journalists and artists who took part in that historic … Read more »

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