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We are thrilled to offer choice segments from our Afropop Worldwide programs as weekly podcasts delivered to you. You can now hear our cultural reportage from Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. You will also get segments from our Hip Deep series-within-a-series on history, music and ideas. If you've not yet ventured into the podcast world, it's easy to set up and flexible to fit your schedule. Happy listening! And please forward this url to music loving friends.

A Podcast is a MP3 audio file that can be automatically downloaded to your personal computer and in turn transferred to an iPod or other MP3 player. In order to do this, a Podcasting application is used to "subscribe" to a Podcast, the program checks the site regularly and starts a download whenever it finds a new MP3 file. That means you can listen to it any time you like!

Getting Started...

The basic requirements for Podcasting are a computer, Podcasting software (see list below) and an Internet connection (the higher the speed, the better). To take your Podcast with you, an iPod or any MP3 player is also needed.

To begin, download and install Podcasting software onto your computer, (PC or Mac). Though every application is different, there are generally directions to "subscribe to" or "add" a Podcast feed (usually just as simple as copying and pasting into your Podcasting application). The next time you "Check for new Podcasts", an MP3 of our weekly programs will be on your computer, and if your set up for it, on your iPod as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where can I download Podcasting software?
  2. How come one of the weekly programs is not appearing on the feed?
    Due to copyright issues, some programs may not be available for download.
  3. What is the link for the Afropop Worldwide podcast feed?
  4. How big are the downloads?
    Each file is typically 3-6 minutes in length which creates an MP3 file size approximately 5-10 MB.