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  • feature April 14, 2016

    Artists of the Nile Project Speak

    Afropop Worldwide’s program “Inside the Nile Project” takes listeners behind the scenes of perhaps the most unusual African ensemble to tour the United States in 2015. The program is a collaboration between producers Ian Coss and Banning Eyre, both of … Read more »

  • blog August 12, 2014

    Artists of Uganda: A Follow-Up

    Remember that Uganda Selection Norient released back in early July? Well, since our initial review of it, which delved somewhat into the political goings-on of the country’s music scene, a few loyal readers have drawn our attention to another worthwhile … Read more »

  • blog July 10, 2014

    Norient’s 2014 Uganda Selection

    Norient–a site that, like Afropop, works to bridge the gap between scholarly and popular writing about music and culture–has just delivered another powerful mixtape, this time focusing on the contemporary music of Uganda. Given that Uganda is rarely the emphasis … Read more »

  • hip-deep December 23, 2013

    Jewish Communities of Sub-Saharan Africa

    Once-substantial Jewish enclaves of Morocco, Algeria and other North Africa states have dwindled steadily since World War II, mostly through migration to Israel. In sub-Saharan Africa, lesser known Jewish communities provide strikingly different narratives. Guided by ethnomusicologist and Rabbi Jeffrey … Read more »

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