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  • hip-deep October 23, 2009

    The Prehistory of New Orleans: Treasures from the Hogan

    To mark the 5th anniversary of the Katrina disaster, we go way way back to honor New Orleans as the unique American treasure it is. This program tells the story of how jazz emerged in the context of all the … Read more »

  • interview October 14, 2009

    Interview: Bruce Raeburn

    Interview with Bruce Raeburn, Curator of the Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane University, conducted by Ned Sublette. NED SUBLETTE: What do y’all do? BRUCE RAEBURN:   It began in 1958 with Ford Foundation funding to do an oral history fieldwork project, and so we ended … Read more »

  • blog January 26, 2005

    Escaping the Delta: Discography

    Escaping the Delta Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide’s Escaping the Delta: Meade Lux Lewis “Hey! Piano Man: Selected Boogie Woogie Sides Remas” (JRGR Records) Robert Johnson “King Of The Delta Blues Singers” (INDEPENDENT RELEASE) E. T. Mensah, … Read more »

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