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  • blog October 21, 2013

    Hot Pink Wax from Colombia’s Los Pirañas

    Bogota’s Los Pirañas are back with their new 7” single, “Salvemos Nuestro Folclor​/​Carnavalito Infernal Y Cosas Chéveres”. The record- with it’s pale blue labels and neon pink vinyl- looks just as eccentrically dashing as the band sounds. This one’s a real … Read more »

  • blog May 2, 2013

    Meridian Brothers cover “Purple Haze”

    Colombia’s Meridian Brothers have never been accused of being normal. Not once. Not ever. Their ongoing exploration of guitar bent psychedelia and neo-tropical nightmare continues on their latest single, a suitable tripped out cover of the Hendrix standard. With an … Read more »

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