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  • blog August 30, 2016

    One Africa Music Fest: Showcasing the Rise of Afrobeats

    Powerful new winds are blowing through the world of African music. Publications from the Washington Post to Fader to the Village Voice are heralding the rise of current African pop music—Afrobeats, and especially Naija pop—in American mainstream culture. There’s plenty … Read more »

  • blog February 18, 2015

    Field Report: In Accra, Ghana, Five Pop Songs That Won’t Quit

    Our producer Morgan Greenstreet just spent a few months traveling through Ghana, Togo and Benin. For the edification of our hips and ears, he has selected five songs that are currently extremely popular in Accra, Ghana, and beyond. They  are not necessarily … Read more »

  • blog September 4, 2014

    P-Square Cubed: Nigerian Superstars Drop Three New Singles

    P-Square, the superstar Nigerian group featuring identical twins Peter and Paul Okoye, has been responsible for some of the most irresistible ear candy to come out of West Africa in the past half-decade. Standing out from the flood of slickly produced … Read more »

  • blog February 10, 2014

    T-Pain, Akon, and 2Face “Got It”

    As hip-hop infused Nigerian pop continues its explosive growth (and the Nigerian economy maintains its ability to keep an upper class VERY comfortable), we’ve seen an ever increasing number of collaborations between American and African rappers. Given Afrobeat’s brilliantly slick … Read more »

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