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  • hip-deep June 29, 2017

    Ring the Alarm: A History of Sound System Culture

    In Jamaica, sound systems are more than just a stack of speakers blasting the latest tunes to an eager crowd. Over the last 70 years, they have touched all levels of society in Jamaica, determining the island’s popular taste and … Read more »

  • botb February 6, 2017

    Best of The Beat on Afropop: Bob Marley’s Mento Roots

    What is mento? (No, it’s not an after-dinner mint or chewing gum.) Mento is Jamaican folk music that predates ska and reggae. Ska emerged in 1950s, but mento has been documented all the way back to the 1920s. The sound … Read more »

  • review July 22, 2013

    London is the Place for Me Vol.6: Mento, Calypso, Jazz and Highlife from Young Black London

    When Calypso arrived on the shores of the UK- carried by Lord Kitchener as he crossed the Atlantic on the Empire Windrush- it started where it had left off in its native Trinidad. It’s tradition of being a musical voice of … Read more »

  • feature November 16, 2009

    Alan Lomax in Haiti

    Banning Eyre reviews Alan Lomax in Haiti (box set on Harte Recordings)   In late 1936 and early ’37, Alan Lomax spent four months recording and filming musicians in Haiti for the Library of Congress.  He brought his fiancé along … Read more »

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