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  • review February 12, 2016


    It was inevitable that, in the wake of Bassekou Kouyaté’s landmark band Ngoni Ba, there would be more Malian ensembles placing these stringed, fretless lutes of varying sizes at center stage. Gambari Band happens to consist of Kouyaté relatives who … Read more »

  • review October 13, 2015

    St Germain

    I should state upfront that I’m not easily impressed by electronic mixes that incorporate samples and performances of African music. It’s too easy to create predictable grooves with ethnic window dressing, an approach that has now become a genre unto … Read more »

  • review February 16, 2015

    Four From Mali

    Mali has suffered through three years of political instability and tension, with serious consequences for musicians’ livelihoods, not only in the troubled north but in the capital, Bamako. And all that comes on top of the collapse of the recorded … Read more »

  • program December 3, 2014

    Stocking Stuffers 2014

    It’s an annual Afropop ritual! Georges Collinet and Banning Eyre sift through all the great new music from Africa and its diasporas released during the year, and attempt to summarize it in one hour. An impossible task, but always good … Read more »

  • blog September 16, 2014

    Salif Keita Ticket Giveaway

    You may have heard of Salif Keita. You may have heard Salif Keita. You may even have seen Salif Keita. But have you ever seen Salif Keita for FREE? No? Then you may just be in luck. This Thursday, Sept. … Read more »

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