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  • blog May 29, 2015

    New Takun J and A Hipco Rundown

    Takun J is a Liberian hipco icon, as well as the country’s Gender Based Violence Reduction Ambassador. He has taken on many of the biggest issues facing Liberia throughout his career, and his two latest tracks are no exception. In … Read more »

  • interview March 10, 2012

    Chief Boima

    Chief Boima is a Brooklyn-based DJ and producer who recently released a new EP via Dutty Artz titled African in New York. The EP showcases Boima’s knack for remixing and updating styles of African music and making them club-ready for … Read more »

  • review December 11, 2011

    Chief Boima Presents: Lone Stars- Hipco and Gbema

    Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? – Tupac Shakur Spending 2 months in Liberia isn’t something many American artists get excited about. The country is still recovering from two civil wars and … Read more »

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