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  • review January 23, 2017


    The Nile Project encompasses a big idea: fostering solidarity among a hugely diverse set of peoples and societies living on or near the world’s second largest river. Environmental stewardship is central to the mission, complicated by the fact that 11 … Read more »

  • feature April 14, 2016

    Artists of the Nile Project Speak

    Afropop Worldwide’s program “Inside the Nile Project” takes listeners behind the scenes of perhaps the most unusual African ensemble to tour the United States in 2015. The program is a collaboration between producers Ian Coss and Banning Eyre, both of … Read more »

  • program April 14, 2016

    Inside the Nile Project

    The Nile Project is an ambitious and imaginative attempt to bring about better stewardship of one of the world’s longest rivers by fostering collaboration among artists from the 11 countries the river traverses. It’s an endeavor that spans the Muslim … Read more »

  • interview March 20, 2012

    Living Traditions: Discussions on Traditions and Venues in Egypt

    Living Traditions Discussions on Traditions and Venues in Egypt. Over a month in the summer of 2011, Afropop’s Banning Eyre and Sean Barlow researched a variety of traditional music scenes in Egypt.  The most accessible folklore in Cairo is tourist … Read more »

  • interview November 16, 2011

    Hakim: 2011

    Hakim is known as “The Lion of Egypt.”  From the moment he sprang onto the scene in 1991, he became one of the most beloved singers of the popular sha’bi style ever.  The voice is undeniably powerful—searing and joyous.  Afropop’s … Read more »

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