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  • blog August 17, 2017

    New Angolan Guitar Pop From Chalo Correia

    Chalo Correia, an Angolan composer and songwriter who now lives in Lisbon, has released a preview of his new album, Akuá Musseque, into the world. True to his form, the three songs sound like a fresh take on the golden … Read more »

  • review March 5, 2014

    Angola Soundtrack 2: Hypnosis, Distortions & Other Sonic Innovations 1969​-​1978

    1961 was the year the Portuguese colonial government officially banned carnival in the musseques (African ghettos) of Angola, an act of cultural repression that (as so often is true) had the opposite effect. Instead of remaining silent, the people of … Read more »

  • interview December 13, 2012

    Interview: Victor Gama

    VICTOR GAMA “Many parts of Angola are still terra incognita almost, in terms of knowing what’s  been done musically.” INTERVIEWED BY NED SUBLETTE Via Skype from Lisbon / October 25 and 28, 2012 Angolan composer / instrument designer / ethnomusicologist … Read more »

  • interview November 25, 2012

    Hip Deep Interview: Dr. Bárbaro Martínez Ruiz

    Luanda, Angola, July 18, 2012- Interviewed by Ned Sublette I first met Dr. Bárbaro Martínez Ruiz at the Afro-Cuba at the Crossroads conference, organized by Dr. Henry Drewal at the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 2007. I listened in … Read more »

  • video November 23, 2012

    Hip Deep Angola Performance Video

    Antonio Madiata, a player of the lungoyi-ngoyi, or traditional 2-string Kongo fiddle, plays his own composition in Mbanza-Kongo, Angola on July 11, 2012. Videography by Ned Sublette.

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