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  • interview May 13, 2014

    Afropolitan Dreaming with Blitz The Ambassador

    Blitz the Ambassador is one of the leading voices in the growing movement connecting the classic sound of American hip-hop with stories and musical traditions of Africa and the African diaspora. The title of his new album, Afropolitan Dreams (released … Read more »

  • video January 31, 2014

    Blitz The Ambassador Celebrates “Success”

    Blitz The Ambassador has good reason to celebrate. After making a name for himself with a steady output of excellent material over the past decade, he was recognized as Musician of the Year at last month’s African Diaspora Awards. In … Read more »

  • review November 7, 2012


    Ahmed Gallab, the mastermind behind the moniker Sinkane, was born in Sudan. At age six, he fled  the country with his family, eventually settling in the college town of Columbus, Ohio. However, the unfortunate but all too common story of … Read more »

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