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  • hip-deep November 1, 2006

    Merengue, Dominican Music and Dominican Identity

    In a story described as “stranger than fiction,” merengue emerged as an Afro-European folk tradition in the Dominican Republic in the 19th century, but rose to its present prominence in association with the DR’s long-ruling dictator, Rafael Trujillo, who mandated … Read more »

  • blog November 1, 2006

    Scholar: Angelina Tallaj

    Angelina Tallaj is a pianist and ethnomusicology student who moved to New York from the Dominican Republic in the 80s. A Ph.D candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center , she specializes in Afro-Dominican music.

  • blog November 1, 2006

    Scholar: Paul Austerlitz

    Paul Austerlitz is a composer, ethnomusicologist, and Assistant Professor of Music and Africana Studies at Brown University. His book Merengue: Dominican Music and Dominican Identity is the definitive English language account of this significant and highly influential music genre. Austerlitz … Read more »

  • feature November 1, 2006

    Merengue and Dominican Identity with Paul Austerlitz

              Chances are you’ve heard merengue. You’ve probably experienced something like this: the steady scraping of the guira drives the beat as the pop of the tambora drum begins to weave its tricky rhythm. Suddenly, a slippery saxophone line … Read more »

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