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  • May 22, 2015

    Dancefloor Dynamite: Future Grooves Today

    Sometimes it’s hard to sit still in the Afropop office. The funkiest, most leg-shakingly infectious music blasts from our speakers on a regular basis. Impromptu dance demonstrations have been known to take place. It’s our mission to share this wealth … Read more »

  • May 15, 2015

    The Music of Black Peru: Cultural Identity in the Black Pacific

    This Hip Deep edition explores the sonically vibrant realm of Afro-Peruvian music, a young genre identification that has flourished since the 1950s and has now produced artists of international renown, such as singer Susana Baca, and the black folkloric company Peru Negro. Listen »

  • May 7, 2015

    Thomas Mapfumo 1: The War Years

    This Hip Deep edition explores the legendary early career of Thomas Mapfumo, a singer, composer and bandleader whose 1970s music set the stage for the birth of a new nation, Zimbabwe. Using rare, unreleased recordings, and recollections by Mapfumo, key … Read more »

  • May 1, 2015

    Cuts From the Crypt

    In early 2015, Afropop relocated its archives from a variety of storage units and apartments and brought it all together in one place. The goal? Sorting, organizing and preservation. But along the way, we also found more than a few … Read more »

  • April 24, 2015

    Music in A Changing Cuba

    What’s up in Havana besides tourism? Ned Sublette, who recently traveled to Cuba for Billboard magazine, talks with Sean Barlow about the present moment in the fast-changing music capital. Timba from Havana D’Primera, jazz/son by Pancho and Daniel Amat, and … Read more »

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