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  1. Ancient Text Messages: Batá Drums in a Changing World

    In Africa, drums don’t only play rhythms, they send messages. “Ancient Text Messages: Batá Drums in a Changing World” explores an endangered tradition of drum speech in Nigeria, and how that tradition changed and thrived in Cuba, where large numbers … Read more »

  2. Carnival Reflections

    We make our annual trek to Port of Spain, Trinidad to enjoy highlights from the annual pre-Lenten extravaganza of music, street theater, social commentary, and scandal. This year’s report is part of APWW’s new “Hip Deep” series. Joining Georges Collinet … Read more »

  3. Congo-Goma: Music, Conflict and NGOs

    In the city of Goma, in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, far from the rumba-soaked nightlife of the capital, Kinshasa, an artistic renaissance is going on. After two decades of devastating factional wars, ongoing mineral profiteering, a volcanic eruption, and … Read more »

  4. Cuban Counterpoint of Tobacco and Sugar: Sacred Musical Spaces in Western Cuba

    Borrowing the title from Cuban polymath Fernando Ortiz, producer Ned Sublette takes a group of travelers, including you, to multiple sites in western Cuba to analyze the musical impact of what Ortiz called the “Cuban counterpoint” of tobacco and sugar. … Read more »

  5. Diaspora Encounters: Kriolu in New England, The Cape Verdean-American Story

    Of all contemporary Cape Verdeans, Cesaria Evora, “the Queen of the Morna” has made the biggest impression internationally. However the first Cape Verdean to grace the American imagination was the harpooner Dagoo in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick (1851). Cape Verdeans … Read more »

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